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Industrial: Purees

Puree ProductsF&S Produce Company has a complete processing line capable of preparing, pasteurizing and packaging pureed fruits, vegetables and blends. Our purees are packaged for our industrial customers or foodservice users, and can be used in functional beverages, soups, soup or salad bases, sauces, dips, dressings, entrees, yogurt, bakery and confectionary products, and other prepared foods. Purees are available in either the refrigerated or frozen form, and in a variety of bulk packaging options, including five gallon pails and 40 gallon barrels. Our specialized blending equipment allows us to offer a limitless variety of custom-blended vegetables and fruits.

Our puree line was designed to support the many requests from our customers for quality, convenient, and safe pureed products. We utilize a specialized micro-cutting process, and a scraped-surface heat exchanger, that enables us to produce products as varied as fruit purees for ice cream topping applications to a “mirepoix” blend of onions, carrots and celery used in soup bases.

Our pureed products utilize fresh or frozen raw materials that we pasteurize during our process, which results in microbial reduction, a deactivation of organic enzymes, and a preservation of flavor, color, and texture in the finished products. Our purees are typically cooled, packaged, and quick-frozen, offering up to a twenty-four month frozen shelf life.

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