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F&S Purchases Closed Vineland Plant


Retrofitted 585,000 sq. ft. facility to open Spring 2018

F&S Produce, a leading supplier of fresh cut fruits and vegetables, announced today that it has finalized the purchase of the former General Mills Progresso Soup plant in Vineland, NJ. F&S Produce services retailers, food service purveyors, and industrial processors along the east coast and beyond. Its core businesses include processing and assembling fresh produce into a vast array of retail products including fresh cut fruit and veg bowls and trays, salsas, ready to prepare meal sides and kits, individual and behind the glass deli salads, and wraps. F&S also operates a pepper and pickle brining operation, produces individually quick-frozen fruits and vegetables, and creates purees that are used in soups, beverages, flavors, and a variety of other applications.

F&S Produce currently operates two production facilities in Rosenhayn, NJ. The acquisition of the nearby Vineland plant will enable the company to better serve its customers by increasing both its capacity and capabilities. “Our new state-of-the-art production facility will allow continued growth within the fresh cut produce space, while enabling our company to expand its meal solution offerings that our customers increasingly seek,” said President and CEO Sam Pipitone Jr. “As consumers focus on healthier, natural foods that are found around the perimeter of the supermarket, F&S Produce is here to provide them with the freshness, food safety, and convenience that they demand,” added Pipitone. “Our strength has always been the fruit and vegetable portion of the consumer’s plate. Cooking capabilities at our new facility will enable us to also fill the starch or grain and protein portions of the plate, providing fresh, healthy, and delicious complete meals to our customers,” said Colin Turner, Chief Operating Officer. The new location includes an increase in office and production floor space. It is so expansive that both existing plants could fit inside the new 585,000 square foot facility four and a half times.

Founded in 1981, F&S Produce has been a longstanding manufacturing presence in Southern New Jersey. “We have a skilled and dedicated workforce, and we are excited to continue to expand our operations within our community” said Lori Maddalena, Chief Financial Officer. Sam Pipitone III, Vice President noted, “We’re a vertically integrated company; we depend on the services provided by our trucking division, Pipco Transportation, as well as our freezer facility, Mideastern Cold Storage. Our 600 acres of farmland rely on the filtered process water from the production plants for irrigation, and the vegetative waste that is generated is utilized as fertilizer for those crops. All of these operations are in the heart of Southern New Jersey, and we’re here to stay.”

“The dedication to innovate and fulfill the expanding needs of our customers was behind the decision to purchase and retrofit this impressive production facility. The loyalty of our customers and the commitment of our employees made it a reality. My executive team and I are excited for the future of the F&S family in our world-class Vineland plant!” said Sam Pipitone Jr.

How can I apply for a position at the new plant? I’m a former employee of General Mills Progresso. I’d live to be a part of the team.

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