Our Story

History of F&S Produce: Steps to a Successful Business

In the 1970s, Sam Pipitone Jr., deeply rooted in southern New Jersey’s farming and family traditions, followed his grandfather and father’s footprints into their own family farming business. By 1981, Sam had taken the next important step and founded F&S Produce. Starting from zero, F&S currently processes over 100 million pounds of fruits and vegetables, sourcing locally when available.

Today, F&S is comprised of two processing plants located in Rosenhayn, NJ, with a combined 650,000 sq. ft. of production area. Sam Jr. also owns Pipco Transportation, a 50-plus truck operation that delivers produce products throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions, and Mid-Eastern Cold Storage, a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse with capabilities that include blast freezing and frozen storage.

All three companies combine to be the leader in innovation of new techniques in processing, fulfilling, and exceeding food safety regulations. By working with local, national and international growers, F&S ensures consistent quality in our produce year-round, with multiple quality checkpoints built into the processing system from receiving to final product delivery.

Every step we take means only the freshest fruits and vegetables reach your customers.

Company Overview

F&S Produce Company, Inc. is centrally located in Southern New Jersey enabling access to an estimated 100 million consumers. Our 650,000 sq. ft. facilities process over 100 million pounds of produce annually for our retail, food service, and industrial customers alike.

For the past 30 years, we’ve been perfecting our production and safety processes to become the finest quality provider of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in the Eastern United States. As a leader and innovator within the industry, we’ve delivered these principles to everything from restaurants and convenience store chains to supermarket prepared food operations, and numerous other high-volume food industries.

F&S Produce Company has cultivated a tradition of success through dedication and innovation.

Mission Statement

"F&S Produce provides the highest quality, safe, wholesome, valued-added fresh-cut fruits and vegetables with exceptional value and service from farm to fork."

Every day, F&S Produce is determined to deliver the finest quality, fresh-cut produce to our hometown communities in the Mid-Atlantic region. We’re focused on the continuous development of new and innovative methods that will deliver faster, safer, and fresher produce through our industrial and retail partnerships and onto your kitchen table.

We're committed to exceeding our customers' expectations for their specific needs, whether by fulfilling private-labeled orders of sandwiches, wraps, sides, and purees, or through high-volume custom cuts, blends, or sizes of a wide array of fruits and vegetables.

Over three decades, we've developed the most advanced food safety expertise, delivering the highest standards that satisfy all USDA and FDA inspections, including on-site QA and microbiology testing, and SQF 2000 Level 3 certification for comprehensive food safety systems. We also offer products to satisfy USDA National Organic Program standards and Kosher requirements.

Helping people live healthier lifestyles through our products and our corporate commitment to sustainability and reduced energy consumption are companion passions to our love of fruit and vegetable processing. At F&S, we believe that recognizing we’re all connected is the first step to a better community.

Logistics - Pipco Transportation

  • Sister Company Provides Distribution
  • Temperature-Controlled Vehicles
  • Our Logistics Team Can Help Deliver On-Time, Every Time

The logistics team at F&S is dedicated to delivering the freshest produce seamlessly. Through Pipco Transportation or other third-party logistics services, our produce is always on the move and on the way to your destination. Our 50 plus vehicles and over 100 late model, well maintained temperature controlled trailers ensure quality and freshness are delivered to your door. The Pipco fleet offers delivery to the entire Mid-Atlantic and Northeast United States seven days a week. We know that delivering your product on-time is the key to the success of your business, and so our logistics team choreographs the complete delivery process. From loading and tracking the product on the open road to the delivery of your order on-time, our F&S Produce team members are monitoring the process every step of the way. All vehicles are tracked via GPS and integrated with our transportation management system which allows tracking the exact location 24/7. Let our experienced professionals drive your success.

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